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Describe tunicates
1 - filter feeders
2 - marine
3 - attach to rocks
describe lancelets
1 - look like fish but aren't
Name 3 members in the phylum cordata
1 - tunicate
2 - lancelets
3 - vertebrates
What is the largest group of chordates?
What are the 4 body parts that all chordates have?
1 - notochord
2 - hollow nerve chord
3 - pharyngeal pouches
4 - tail
How are endotherms and ectotherms different?
endotherms - warmblooded - body temperature remains constant

ectotherms - coldblooded body temperature fluctuates
what are the main characteristics of vertebrates?
1 - ectotherm or endotherm
2 - notochord is the backbone
3 - hollow nerve chord is the spinal chord
4 - pharyngeal pouches become gills (fish) or disappear (land animals)
5 - tail becomes a tail, fin, or disappears