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What do you call information that you collect in an experiment? It is usually presented in chart or graph form.
What is the name of a factor that does NOT change in an experiment? It is usually a number.
Name the group in an experiment that is not changed in any way.
Control Group
Name the group in an experiment that you test the independent variable on.
Experimental Group
An educated guess to a problem based on gathering information is a....
This is the 1st step in the scientific method. It is what you are trying to investigate and is usually a question.
The problem..."State the problem"
This is the last step in the scientific method. It comes after you analyze the data and decide what is true in your experiment.
Conclusion...."Draw conclusions"
The ONE thing you test in an experiment. The manipulated variable is the....
Independent variable
These variables are NOT changed by the experimenter, but may be changed by the independent variable. The responding variables are...
Dependent variable