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the earth's supply of fresh water is renewed by
precipitation or evaporation
lichens are important early contributors to
pioneer species or succession
during _____, carbon is returned to the environment
succession or decomposition
during _____, the carbon in coal, oil and natural gas is returned to the atmosphere
combustion or decomposition
water helps with the regulation of body temperature through perspiration and ______
precipitation or evaporation
which are true?
a. matter is lost in each cycle
b. human activity has little or no impact on cycles
c. each cycle involves evaporation and condensation
d. matter is moved between the physical environment and living organisms
d. matter is moved between the physical environment and living organisms
most of the precipitation that falls to the earth's surface:
a. falls directly into oceans
b. remains in ponds and lakes
c. sees into underground rock formations
d. quickly evaporates into the atmosphere
a. falls directly into oceans
which of the following best describes a plant that is suited to being a pioneer species?
a. tall; produces few seeds
b. grows quickly; makes many seeds
c. fragile; cannot tolerate direct sunlight
d. grows slowly; seeds dispersed by animals
b. grows quickly; makes many seeds
which of the following substances must be chemically transformed before it can be used by plants?
a. oxygen
b. carbon dioxide
c. nitrogen gas
d. water
c. nitrogen gas
carbon from the nonliving enrionment becomes a part of living organisms through:
a. photosynthesis
b. respiration
c. transpiration
d. absorption
a. photosynthesis
the first plants to grow on abandoned farmland would be:
a. ferns
b. shrubs
c. mosses
d. weedy plants
d. weedy plants
what role does bacteria play in the nitrogen cycle?
bacteria changes the the nitrogen gas into forms that plants can use so they can make food and give food to other animals
what is pollution
the presence of a harmful substance in the environment
what is renewable resource
a natural resource that can be used and replaced over a short time period
what is nonrenewable resource
a natural resource that cannot be replaced or that can be replaced only over 1,000's or millions of years
what is overpopulation
a condition that occurs when the number of individuals within an environment becomes so large that there are not enough resources to support them
what is biodiversity
the number and variety of living things
what is biodegradable
capable of being broken down by the environment
what is conservation
the wise use of and preservation of natural resources
what is recycling
the process of making new products from reprocessed and used products
what is resource recovery
the process of transforming into useable products normally thrown away
what is precipitation
when water falls from clouds in rain, snow, sleep and hail
what is evaporation
when water is turned from a liquid to a gas
what is groundwater
water that has soaked into the ground
what is decomposition
the breaking down of dead materials into carbon dioxide and water
what is combustion
the carbon in coal, oil and natural gases return into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide when they are burned
what is succession
the gradual regrowh or development of a community over time
what is pioneer species
the first organisms to grow in an area undergoing ecological succession
water located within the rocks below the earth's surface
anything that has volume and mass
the burning of fuel
the development of a community where no life had existed before
primary succession
the process of changing atmospheric nitrogen into forms that plants can use
nitrogen fixation
sugar molecules are broken down to release energy
the movement of carbon through the environment and living things
carbon cycle
water, in solid or liquid form, that falls from the atmosphere to the earth
the movement of water among the oceans, atmosphere, land and living things
water cycle
the ecological development of a community
the breakdown of dead materials
the movement of nitrogen through the environemnt and living organisms
nitrogen cycle
the redevelopment of a community aften an ecological distrubance
the first species to colonize a lifeless area
pioneer species
the matter in your body has been on earth only snce the time you were born
t or f
all of the following are true about matter EXCEPT:
A. it occupies space and has mass
b. it is used over and over again
c. only living things contain matter
d. each kind of matter has its own cycle
c. only living things contain matter
the water cycle is the movement of water among the atmosphere, the land, the ocean and _______
living things
when water vapor cools and forms a liquid
when heat changes water from a liquid to a vapor
snow, sleet, hail and rain
when animals and plants return moisture to the atmosphere
t or f
all water, except ground water, eventually returns to the atmosphere
t or f
ground water is found below earth's surface
what percentage of your body is made of water:
how does carbon move from the air into living things?
through photosynthesis.
in a process called decomposition, carbon is returned to the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels. t or f
the living things that remove nitrogen gas from the atmosphere during nitrogen fixation are:
a. bacteria
b. humans
c. plants
d. animals
a. bacteria
humans get the nitrogen they need by eating plants and animals that contain nitrogen t or f
if you were able to travel back in time and visit yellowstone national park in the summer of 1988 what would you see?
i would see large areas of the park burned to the ground. when the fires were put out, a layer of gray, ash blanked on the forest floor. most of the trees were dead.
t or f
the process by which plant covered rock slowly turns into soil is known as primary succession
t or f
lichens contain acids that can break rocks apart
lichens are called ______ species because they are the first organism to live on a rock
in primary succesion, a forest could grow after:
a. a few years
b. 50 years
c. a human lifetime
d. thousands of years
d. a million years
d. thousands of years
there re more species in the (earlier or later) stages of succession?
Look at the figure on pag. 37 why wouldn't a stable hardwood forest develop in this type of environment?
the area doesn't have a climate that would support a hardwood
what is the bad news about our planet earth
the earth is being polluted with our garbage. It is harming and killing everything on the earth
all of the following can be pollutants except:
a. chemicals
b. water
c. noise
d. heat
b. water
how much trash does the average american throw away in a week?
1 kg
2 kg
12 kg
14 kg
c. 12 kg
waste that is harmful to _____ and the environment is hazardous waste
name three hazardous wastes you might have in your home
paints, batteries detergents
it is always illegal to bury hazardous wastes t or f
how do individuals and industries get rid of trash? *circle all that apply*
a. take it to landfills
b. dump it into rivers
c. bury it
d. burn it
a b c
when and how did most people first become aware of the dangers of pesticides
by rading rachel carson's book in 1962
t or f
the destruction of the layer of ozone that protects the earth from ultraviolet light is caused by cfc's
today, cfc's are commonly used in refrigerators and plastics
pcb's are poisonous
the use of pcb's is now banned
in the environment, pcb's break down rapidly
which of the following can exposure to radioactive wastes cause in humans?
a. sickle cell anemia
b. cancer
c. leukemia
d. birth defects
b. cancer
c. leukemia
d. birth defects
it only takes 100 years for radioactive wastes to become harmless t or f
place the following events related to global temperature in the correct order.
__flooding of coastal areas
__increase in global temp
__increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
__melting of polar icecaps
what are the possible negative effects of noise pollution
the loss of the ability to hear and think
identify each resource as renewable or nonrenewable:
fresh water
fossil fuels
solar energy
many minerals
R fresh water
NR fossil fues
NR oil
R solar energy
NR many minerals
why are some renewable resources like underground water an soil becoming nonrenewable?
a. underground water and soil form quickly
b. people are using them up faster than they can be replaced
c. there has been an increase in biodiversity
d. these resources are not naturally renewable, as was previously thought
b. people are using them up faster than they can be replaced
how do humans help spread organisms around the world
by boats, cars, airplanes, plants, animals, seeds being transported
alien species are organisms that arent' native to a geographical area t or f
give an example of how an alien species can cause damage to the environment
by driving out native species and the purple loosestrife is choking out vegetation
some ppl think that there are too many people on the earth today because there are many people who don't have enough food to eat t or f
do you thik the earth will be able to support 14 billion people in the year 2100? why or why not
no, i don't think the earth will be able to support because we have almost reached our carrying capacity so we may run out of food and natural resources that we need to survive. earth is eing overpopulated
______ of life" is the meaning of the word biodiversity
if a habitat is destroyed...
a. certain plant species always becomes extinct
b. certain animal species always become extinct
c. the plants and animals will flourish elsewhere
d. biodiversity is lost
d. biodiversity is lost
t or f
trees once covered three times as much land as they do today
because topsoil has few ____, little can grow on the land after tropical rain forests have been cleared
why is the preservation of wetlands important to humans:
a. wetlands help control flooding
b. wetlands help prevent soil erosion
c. wetlands are a source of land for new construction sites
d. wetlands filter pollutants from flowing water
a, b, d
plastics are harmful to animals and the environment because they are not _____
pollution that occured 30 years ago can affect your health today t or f
the three r's of conservation stand for:
reuse, reduce, and recycle
how is using a cloth shopping bag reducing the need for natural resources
a cloth bag can be washed over and over and does not rip so it can be reused. Whereas, plastic bags are vry thin and rip easily so they are not meant to be used again and again
how much of the waste produced in cities is from packaging?
a. one half
b. one third
c. one fourth
d. two thirds
b. one third
organic farmers do not use _____ and _____ fertilizers
pestices and chemical
which of the following is NOT an alternative power source?
a. falling water
b. winds
c. tides
d. coal
d. coal
a citizen of the us produces ____ times more garbage than a citizen of a developing country
_____ plants and _______ animals can clean waste water for reuse
green plants and filter feeding
what can reclaimed water be used for?
a. drinking
b. watering lawns
c. cooking
d. making ice cubes
b. watering lawns
what is the dif between recycling and reusing
recycling requires breaking down trash and using it again while reusing is trying to reuse things over and over so they arent sent to the landfills or put into the ground
what are two household items that can be recycled
milk cartons pop bottles
half a million trees are used to print sunday newspapers every week t or f
resource recovery is the process of
a. transforming garbage into nuclear power
b. transforming garbage into electricty
c. water reclamation
d. recycling bottles and cans
b. transforming garbage into electricty
a. helps to keep communities stable
b. occurs when a geographic aea contains only one species
c. has no effect on the environment
a. helps to keep communities stable
t or f
individual species are protected by the endangered species act
the endangered species act does not require the development of programs that help endangered species recover