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What is any material that attracts iron or material containing iron?
What is the force which can cause attraction or repelling by moving charges?
magnetic force
What is one of 2 points, such as the ends of a magnet, that have opposing magnet in which magnetic force acts?
magnetic pole
What is a region around a magnet in which magnetic force acts?
magnetic fiel
What is the area of activity; area or magnetic field of an atom where its electic charges exist?
How can materials become magnetized?
-when domains line up
-rub iron in 1 direction with pole
-being under the influence of a magnetic field
Describe some ways a magnet can become demagnetized.
-dropping it
-increasing the temp.
-hitting it too hard
-putting it under the influence of a stronger magnet
How does loss of magnetism occur?
can occur cuz domains move and become random (they aren't lined up anymore)
What do scientists think is the cause of the northern lights?
charged particles from the sun hit our atmosphere, gain energy, and give off light
What magnet is difficult to magnetize and keeps its magnetic property longer?
What magnet is easy to magnetize and looses magnetic property easily?
What do you end up with if you cut a bar magnet in half?
2 magnets
In what direction does the end of a compass needle always point?
magnetic South and geographic North
What is the interaction between electricity and magnetism?
What is a coil that has a soft iron core and that acts as a magnet when an electric current is in the coil?
What is a coil of wire with an electric current in it?
What is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy?
electric motor
How can the strength of an electromagnet be increased?
increase # of coils per meter in the solenoid
What makes the armature in an electric motor rotate?
magnet repels and attracts
What reverses the direction of the electric current in a wire in the armature?
What measures or detects current?
What electric current is made by a changing magnetic field?
electromagnetic induction
What uses electromagnet induction to change mechanical energy into electrical energy?
electric generator
How does a generator produce an electric current?
coils turn in a magnetic field or magnet turns around coils
How can the current produced by a generator be increased?
increase # of coils or the speed at which they are turned
What increases or decreases the voltage of AC?
What increases voltage and decreases current?
step up transformer
What decreases voltage and increases current?
step down transformer
In which transformer does the primary have fewer loops than the secondary?
step up transformer
In which transformer does the primary have more loops than the secondary?
step down transformer
How can an electric current be produced in a wire using magnetism?
by moving the wires in a magnetic field or moving magnetic field around the wire
What charges continually shift from flowing in one direction to flowing in the reverse direction?
alternating current
What charges always flow in the same direction?
direct current
An ___________ changes electrical energy into mechanical energy.
electric motor
A __________ changes mechanical energy into electrical energy.
What are magnets made of metal with strong magnetic properties? What metals are in it?
ferromagnet; magnetite, iron, nickel, and cobalt
What is the cause of magnetism?
-electrons are moving in atoms, this creates a magnetic field, when domains line up
What is a coil of wire in an electric motor and is inside of a permanent magnet or electromagnet?
Why is electricity sent through wires at high voltage?
to decrease power loss
What does electricity normally go through before it comes to the houses?
2 step down transformers