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the result of a force distributed over an area
Find pressure
Force over area
SI Unit Force
SI Unit area
Square meters (meters squared)
The rulting unit of Force & area
Pascal (Pa)
who is the pascal named for?
Blaise Pascal
Where is Blaise Pascal from?
Pressures are often stated in
1 kPa = ______ pa
A substance tht assumed the shape of its container
A fluid
____ and _____ are fluids
Liquids and gasses
Water pressure ____ as depth increases
Does teh shape of its container and the area of its bottom surface affect pressure?
What are two factors that determine the pressure a fluid exerts when it is not moving?
Depth and the type of fluid
The ____ of fluid measured in terms of volume or weight does not affect pressure
The weight of the earth's atmosphere exerts a pressure of about ____ kPa at sea level.
Air pressure decreases as atmosphere ______
The atmosphere is exerting more than _____ newtons of force on the top of your head
We are not crushed by air pressure because
the inside of our bodies also exert pressure
Balanced forces _____ and result in a net force of ____
cancel, zero
If you squeeze a full bottle of water, pressure increases _____ throughout the water
_____ is the science of applying pascal's principle
A device that uses pressureized fluid acting on pistons of different sizes to change a force
hydraulic system
A change in pressure at iny point in a fluid is transmitted equally and unchanged in all directions throughout the fluid
Pascals principle
Input force is applied to...
the small piston, which pushes against the fluuid sealed i the hydraulic system
Pressure by the small piston is transmitted through the fluid to
the large piston
In a hydraulic lift system, ______ output force is produced because a constant fluid pressre is exerted on the larger area of the output piston
The amount of input force increased depends on..
the area of the output pistons
If the large piston has eight times the area of the small piston, then...
the output force is 8x greater than the input force..
Because the pressure on each piston is the same..
the difference in force is related directly to their areas
Daniel Bernoulli was from..
As the speed of a fluid increases, the pressure within the fluid..
decreased (Bernoulli's principle)
Paper goes up when blowed down upon
Because the air below the paper is nearly motionless, it exerts a greater pressure, and the difference in pressure forces the paper upward
Air travelling over the top of the wing moves ____ than air travelling underneath
The air travelling faster over the top of thing wing creates
a low-pressure area above the wing
The pressure difference between the top and bottom of the wing creates
an upward force known as lift
some wings are used to create a _____ force
Race cars upside down wing
downward force created by it pushes tires onto the road, giving the car better traction and allowing it to go around corners at higher speeds
Forces that act on an airplane in flight
Thrust, drag, lift, and weight
The ability of a fluid to exert an upward force on an object placed in it
Beuoyancy results in
the apparent loss of weight of an object in a fluid
Upward force which acts in the opposite direction of gravity
buoyant force
ancient greek mathemetician
The buoyant force on an object is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object
Archimedes principle
Floating objects displace..
a volume equal to the volume of the oart if the object submerged
SI unit density
grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm to the third)
Density of water
1 g/cm to the third
If an object is less dense than the fluid it is in, it will _____. If it is more dense, it will ______
When the buoyant force is equal to the weight, the object ____. When it is less than the weight, the object _____
floats or is suspended

What do submarines do to sink, float, or stay suspended in water?
Fill/ Empty their ballast tanks with water