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What is the retina?
a sheet of tissue that converts the light into signals that nerves carry to the brain.
All objects we can see either make their own light or______.
reflect light
What is polarization?
Allowing light vibrations to pass through in only one direction.
what does the optic nerve do?
Images that form on the retina are sent on by the optic nerve to the brain. The brain then turns these images into your view of the world.
Why do objects appear to be different colors when seen through different-colored filters?
Filters let through only their own color and block all other colors. If the light or filter is the same color as the object, the object will appear its usual color; if the light or filter is a different color, the object will appear gray to black.
What is a concave mirror?
A mirror that curves in on the shiny side.
What is refraction?
The bending of light rays as they pass from one substance into another.
What is a light ray?
A straight-line beam of light as it travels outward from its source.
What happens when white light passes through a prism?
It is refracted into the colors of the spectrum.
What is bioluminesscence?
Light produced by living organisms.
What is a spectrum?
A band of colors produced when light goes through a prism.
A beam of light that is not distributed or bent moves in a straight line as a_______.
What is a convex mirror?
A mirror that curves out on the shiny side.
How does light travel?
In a straight line.
How does the Sun produce its own light?
Nuclear reaction
What is the Law of Reflection?
The angle of an incoming light ray equals the angle of the reflected ray.
How does a burner flame produce its own light?
chemical reaction
How does a light blub produces its light?
If light passes from one substance into another, it usually______.
changes direction.