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What is any material that can flow and take the shape of its container?
What is the amount of force exerted on a given area?
How is pressure created in a fluid?
particles collide with eachother and the container
What formula can be used to help determine pressure?
What is the SI unit for pressure?
What is the pressure caused by the weight of the atmosphere?
atmospheric pressure
Why are you not crushed by atmospheric pressure?
fluids in our body push back on hte atmospheric pressure, and the air around us also helps
When does fluid pressure increase? When does it decrease?
-when you go deeper
-when you get closer to the surface
Why does water pressure increase faster than air pressure as depth increases?
water pressure's about 1,000 times more dense
Fluids flow in what direction?
from high pressure to low pressure
What is an upward force that fluids(gases and liquids) exert on matter?
buoyant force
What the Archimedes' principle?
Buoyant force on an object in a fluid is equal to the weight of the fluid the object displaces.
What is the amount of mass in a given space?
What causes buoyant force?
the displacement of the fluid causes buoyant force, it creates pressure differences
How can you determine the density of an object?
When will objects float and when will they sink in water?
float- weight is equal to or less than buoyant force
sink-weight is greater than buoyant force
What do some fish have that helps them float at different depths? (What else is it called?)
swim bladder (also called air bladder)
How can the overall density of an object be changed?
-change shape
-change mass
-change volume
What is the function of a ballast
-to help the submarine float at different depths (rise, sink, float) because it changes the density
What is Bernoulli's principle?
As speed of a moving fluid increases, fluid's pressure decreases.
What is an upward force on an object that moves in a fluid?
Lift on an airplane is determined mainly by what two factors?
-shape and size of wing
-thrust for an air plane
What is the forward force produced by the plane's engine?
Compare two types of aircraft describing which would have more thrust, and which would produce less.
jet-more thrust, cuz it has smaller wings
glider-less thrust, cuz it has bigger wings
What is the force that opposes or restricts motion in a fluid?
What is Pascal's principle?
A change in pressure at any point in an enclosed fluid will be transmitted equally to all parts of that fluid.
What is the irregular flow of fluids called?