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What are 3 characteristics of plants?
1) Most plants have roots or rootlike structures, stems, and leaves.
2) made up of cells with cell walls
3) most contain chlorophyll (green) for
What are the 3 functions of stems?
1) allow for the movement of materials

2)support the plant

3) may store food
What are the 3 functions of roots?
1) collect water and nutrients

2) anchor the plant

3) MAY store food or water
What are 3 characteristics of Gymnosperms?
1) naked seed--cone

2) NO fruits or flowers

3) needle like or scale like leaves
What is a pioneer species?
an organism that is the first to grow in a new or disturbed area
what are the threadlike roots of nonvascular plants called?
What is a characteristic of a dicot?
They have flower parts in multiples of 4 or 5.
What are 2 characteristic of a monocot?
1) They have flower parts in multiples of 3.
2) Their leaves are more narrow than long
What are 5 kinds of gymnosperms?
Spruce Redwood Fir Juniper Pine
What are some examples of angiosperms?
apple tree wheat pineapple

cherry tree corn peach tree
What is a function of leaves?
make food
What are the characteristics of Angiosperms?
They have flowers

They have fruit that contain seeds.
What are rhizoids?
They are rootlike filaments made up of a few cells
What do you call the waxy protective layer on the leaves of plants?
What vessel moves food from the leaves to other plant parts?
What do you call vessels that transport water from the roots to the other parts of the plant?
These open and close the stomata.
Guard cells
What is the most common type of plant on Earth?
Ferns are the largest type of what kind of plant?
Seedless vascular
Which of these is not a seed plant?
apple tree orange cherry tree
peat moss daisy marigold
The oldest trees alive are the ......
What arae pioneer species?
the first plants to grow in a new or disturbed area
Why are the root systems of most plants as large or larger than the above ground plant parts?
They have to be able to absorb enough water and nutrients for the plant.

They have to be able to anchor the plant.
How do gymnosperms differ from angiosperms?
Gymnosperms have cones; angiosperms have fruit.