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A decision based on observation and analyses of data on an experiment.
Life Science
The study of living and how they interact with things around them.
Scientific Method
1.State the problem or question 2.Propose an explanation, also known as hypothesis 3.Collect evidence(conduct an experiment)4. Analyse data 5.Draw conclusion and if necessary, revise and repeat the experiment
A disease that caused rashes and mental insanity in indivisuals who were lacking specific B-vitamin in their diet. Dr. Goldberger discovered that people who ate primarily corn were getting the disease.
To examine, closely study, and evaluate in order to better understand data.
The study of right and wrong in people's behavior/conduct
Logical conclusions based on factual knowledge or evidence.
An observation is the viewing and recording of data.
An exchange of one thing in return for another, giving up one benefit or advantage for another regarded as more desirable; an exchange that occurs as a compromise.
The available facts, data, and/or observations which support a theory or conclusion.
A lack of something.
Clinical Trial
Tests done by volunteers to determine if a product such as medicine should be made available to the public.
The act of conducting a controlled test or investigation.
Informed Consent
The volunteers in a clinical trial sign this form that states that they have been told[informed] about the risks and that they agree[consent] to participate in the trial.
Control group: In an experiment or trial, a group that does not receive the new treatment or variable being studied and is compared to the group that did receive the new treatment; the group tried as a standard of comparison in a control experiment.
An inactive sudstance or preparation as a control in an experimant or test to determine the effectiveness of a medical drug; placebos are used when testing on people in an attempt to make the results more objectives& control, opinions&feelings
Food and Drug Administration; the agency that is responsible for determining of a food or drug is safe and effective enough to be sold to the public