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A complete solar activity cycle occurred between these years.
1944 and 1954
Solar activity that starts a chain of events that affect us on earth are called?
Sunspots, solar flares, solar winds, ( auroras, telecommunication problems)
Stars that have a mass 20 times more than our sun can produce what?
Black Holes
It has been predicted that because of the size of the Sun it will eventually turn into what?
A red giant and then a white dwarf
The color Blue stands for the Hottest or the Coldest star?
Hottest star
Hydrostatic equilibrium is the balance beween what inward force and what outward force?
Inward force of gravity and outward force of radiation
What person classified galaxies according to their shape?
Edwin Hubble
The star and constellation at my zenith is Polaris in Ursa Minor, where am I standing?
I'm standing at the North Pole.
The sun and earth are located in the_______ of the Milky Way.
Disk of the Milky Way.
The tail of a comet always faces away from the Sun due to what?
Solar Wind.
What type of constellations never set?
Circumpolar constellations never set.
You have done a lab of solar cycles. How often do they occur?
Every 11 years
Convection is the movement of molecules in a circular pattern. What is acually happening
The transfer of heat from one place to another.
They produce flares, have cooler areas and are in the photoshpere. What am I called?
I'm called a Sunspot.
Groups of stars that form a familiar pattern are called?
What is a Zenith.
A Zenith is a point directly above your head. (Stars directly overhead are at your Zenith.)
The layer of the sun which we can see from Earth is called what?
I am a rocky body that burns up in Earth's atmosphere (also called a shooting star). What is my name?
I'm a meteor.
What occurs primarily in the core of the Sun?
Nuclear fusion
In a star the inward pull of gravity is counteracted by the______________________________________________?
Outward pressure created by the radiation of nuclear fusion
What are most stars composed of
Hydrogen and helium.
What starts to form in a Nebula?
A Star
The H-R diagram plots what two major factors?
Temperature and absolute magnitude.
I extend way out into the solar system from the sun, what am I called?
The Corona
I am made of charged particles or ions what am I called?
Solar wind
Absolute magnitude is defined this way?
The brightness of an object placed at a fixed distance with other objects.
How bright a star appears from earth is considered________ magnitude.
Apparent magnitude.
What is located in the upper Left corner of the H-R diagram
Hot, luminous stars
What is made in the spiral arms of the Milky Way?
Newly made stars
What galaxy is spiral in Shape
The Milky Way galaxy.
How do newly formed stars obtain their energy?
By converting hydrogen to helium.
Is our sun considered to be a small star, an average size star, Nebula or red giant?
Average size star
What time period on earth were there no sun spots on the sun?
During the Little Ice Age (1640-1700)
You have three stars with the apparent magnitudes of -2, +2, and -9. Which is the brightest?
What is another name for Protostar?
Early star of first star.
The Milky way belongs to a small cluster of galaxies known as what?
the local group
How is the shape of organizing galaxies done?
Theuse of the hubble tuning fork.
Scientist have come up with 13 Billion years as the age of what?
the universe
Explain the Big Bang Theory?
The universe began a point and has been expanding ever since.
Which constellation is not circumpolar?
The North Star never changes its position because the Earth's axis is pointed at it.
Active stars are locatd in the Main Sequence of the H-R diagram.