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the continous movement of water on earth, though it atmosphere, and in living things on earth
water cycle
an increase in nutrients in a lake or pond
water that collects and is stored underground
allowing the passage of water
resistant to passage of water
the highest part in the ground that is saturated, or completley filled with water
water table
an undergruond layer of permable rock that contains water
a continous high of land-or ridge from which water drains from one side to the other
an area of land which water drains into a stream sytem. the borders are called divides.
drainage basin
the yearly rising and sinking of cold and warm water layers in a lake
turn over
a flow of water from the ground at a place where the surface of the land dips below the surface.
a well in whic pressurized water flows upward to the suface
artisan well
the amount of a substance that is contained in another substance such as dissolved sugar in water.
the scienc and buisness of raising and harvesting fish in a controlled situation
aqua culture
the process of removing the salt from salt water
a small sewage system, often for one home or buisness; that uses an undergrund tank to treat waste water
septic system
A system that collects and treats wastewater from a city of town
sewage system
a structure that hold back and controls the flow of water in a river or other body of water
a section of a waterway, closed off gates in which the water level is raised or lowerd to move ships through
the process of supplying water to land to grow crops.