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what is postively charged and made of two protons and two electrons?
Alpha particle.
Gamma Beta Aplha
what are the layers of the earth, from the inner core out?
Inner Core, Outer Core, Athenosphere, Lithosphere
no crust or mantle
what is a convection current?
Movement due to differences in density and warmth
a curent is made up of a flow of _______.
not ions or hamsters
what is Newtons third law?
Equal and opposite: for every force there is an equal and an opposite force.
what two factors affect gravitational force?
Distance And Mass; both increase gravitaional force.
Planets to the sun
A catalyst, shaking and stirring, what do these things do during a chemical reaction?
they increase the rate of the chemical reaction.
why do we see phases of the moon?
because the moon rotates and so do we which causes us to see only one illuminated part of the moon.
why do we have extra CO2 in the atmosphere?
Cars, Forest fires, burning of fossil fuels
why does the Inner core of the earth remain soild even though it is very hot?
Intense pressure from the rest of the earth.
what layer of the earth do convection currents occur?
the athenosphere
what causes the ring of fire in the pacific ocean? what causes the mid atlantic ridge?
convergent Boundaries; divergent boundries
define isotope.
refer to book.
what was the conclusion for expirment 8.9?
the half lives
what is newtons 1st law of motion?
Inertia: an object at rest remains at rest and an object in motion
what does a wave carry through matter and space?
define Amplitude:
refer to book.
a water wave is a mechanical wave , what other wave is a characterized under?
what is gravitation potential energy?
energy that depends on height. (mass)(9.8m/s)(height : in meters)
How large are alpha particles compared to beta particles?
they are massive.