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A Vent In The Earth's Surface That Oftin Forms A Mountain Built Of Lava And Volcanic Ash, Which Erupts And Builds Up.
An Opening In Earth's Surface Through Which Can Flow Lava,Ash, Cinders, Smoke,And Steam.
The Steep-Walled Depression At The Top Of A Volcanic Vent.
Pacific Ring Of Fire
The Area Around The Pacific Plae Where Volcanoes And Earthquakes Are Common Due To Tectonic Movement.
Hot Spot
Area's In Earth's Mantle That Are Hotter Than The Neighboring Areas,Forming Melted Rock That Rises Toward The Crust.
Geothermal Energy
Thermal Energy From Magma Bodies Inside Earth That Can Be Used To Produce Electricity With Very Little Environmental Pollution.
Hot Dry Rock <HDR>
A New Technology In Which Heat From Earth's Internal Hot Dry Material Is Used To Generate Energy.
Shield Volcano
A Broad Volcano With Gently Sloping Sides,Built By Quiet Eruptions Of Fluid Basaltic Lava,Speads Out In Flat Layer ;Example:The Hawaiian Island.
Lava That Is Blasted Into The Air By Violent Volcanic Eruptions And Solidifies As It Falls To The Ground As Ash, Cinders,And Volcanic Bombs.
Cinder Cone
A type Of Volcano In Whic Tephra<Cinders>Piles Up Into A Steep-Side Cone.
Composite Volcano
A Type Of Volcano Built Of Silica-Rich Lava AndTephra Layers Accumulated From Repeated Alternating Cycles Of Tephra Eruptions And Lava Erupthions.
The Largest Intrusive
An Intrusive Igneous Rock Body Formed When Magma Is Squeezed Into AVerticl Crak That Cuts AcrossRock Layers And Solidifies Underground.
An Intrusive Igneous Rock Body Formed WhenMagma Is Squeezed Into A Horizontal Crack Between Rock Layers And Solidifiers Underground.
Volcano Neck
The Solid Igneous Core Of A Vent That Remains After The Outer Layer Of Lava And Tephra Have Been Eroded Away From An Extinct Volcano
The Large Opening Formed At The Top Of A Volcano When A Crater CollapseS Into The Vent Following An Eruption
Dikes Are Formed When.....
Magma That Is Squeezed Into A Generally Vertical Crack That Cuts Across Rock Layers And Hardens
A Laccolith Is Created When....
When Some Magma That Forms A Sill May Continue To Psh The Rock Layers Upward
A Mountain That Forms When Layers Of Lave And Ash Erupt And Build Up Is.........
Composite Volcano
When Geothermal Energy Is Converted Into Electricity______
Is Used To Spin Turbines That Run Generators.......
Mount Saint Helens Is An Example Of A _______ Volcano.
Ship Rock In New Mexico Is An Example Of A.........
Volcanic Neck
A Volcanic Materal Is The Same Size.
Volcanoes Form On The Ocean Floor.
There Is No Relationship Between Plate Tectonics And Volcanoes.
Kilauea In Hawaii Release Large Amounts Of Gas.
Gas Trapped In Magma Under High Pressure Can Cause Explosive Erruptiond.
Magma Is Forced Upward Because It Is Denser Than Surrounding Rock.
A Volcanic Neck Forms When Volcano's Core Erodes.
Why Do Volcanoes Form at Plate Boundaries And Hot Spot.
week sopts and hot spots are formed
hot spots magma melts trough the week spots