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What group of people discovered the mineral that had magnetic prperties?
Starts with a G
What is the mineral called?
A load stone
What is a magnet
Any minerial that attracts iron materials containing iron.
Think.... something that attracts iron
What are the ends of the magnets called?
Starts with a P
What part of the magnet is the strongest?
The poles
THe ends which are
What is magnetic force?
The force of attraction and repulsion generated by moving of spinning eectric charge.
The force of attraction and repulsion..........
What is a magnetic feild?
The region around a magnet in which magntic force conducts
The region around a magnet......
If the north poles come together waht will they do?
Come on cindy
What causes magnetism?
The domains have to be lined up
the have to be....
What part of the atom creates magnetism?
Starts with a D
How can you demagnitize a magnet?
slaming it, throwing it, heating it
what do you do
how can you make a magnet?
rubbing it with iron or cobalt
rubbing it with.......
what are frerromagnet?
Magnets made with metals have strog madgnets
magnnets made with metals......
what is an electromagnet?
another kind of magnet which is solidoid wrapped around it
another kind of magnet........
what is a commutator?
Attached to the armature also keeps the currents in order
Attached to the armature also...