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Fossil Evidence
Fossil of Cynognathus a reptile that existed 240 million years ago. Found in South America and Africa
Fossil Evidence
Mesosaurus – a reptile that swam in freshwater lakes and rivers. Less then 2 feet long. Lived 260 million years ago. Long jaws and needle like teeth. Worked as a sieve for picking out crustaceans from the water. Found in eastern South America and southern Africa and nowhere else. Could not have swam 2000 miles across a deep ocean.
Fossil Evidence
Lystrousurus – a reptile that roamed the land 240 million years ago. Found in India, Africa and Antarctica.
Fossil Evidence
Glossopteris – a fern like plant. Existed 260 Million years ago. Found in South America, India, Australia, Africa and Antarctica. Flourished over wide low swampy area near the margin of glaciers
Glaciers on South Africa
Rock Evidence
The Appilachian Mountains are found in Newfoundland and the Brithish Isles.
Fit of Continents
The East side of South American fits together with the west side of Africa
Sea Floor Spreading
When two plates are divergent and it creates new oceanic crust
Mid Ocean Ridge
An under sea mountain chain
When one oceanic plate collides with another. The heavier oceanic plate sinks into the mantel.
When an oceanic plate collides with another and sinks into the mantel it forms this.
Rift Valley
Two pieces of continental crust pull apart.
Located in the Lithosphere
Caary continents in the ocean
A person who studies the Earth.