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A group of parts that work together as a unit
The condition that exists when the changesin a system over time canceleach other out
group of living things and the environment they live in
A group of the same species living in the same place at the same time
all the populations that live in the same area
What must a plant or animal be able to do to live in a certian ecoysystem?
A plant or animal must be able to meet its basic needs to live in a certian ecoystem.
What are the living parts of a yard system?
the living of a yard system are people,plants,and animals normally found in a yard.
What two features do open systems have?
open systems take in inputs from outside the system and give off outputs that leave the system.
A system that is in valance is said to have
what patterns show that a yard system is stable
some examples would be daily periods of sunshine and shade,cycles of water, and regular mowing
In what ways are the living things in a community important to one another
the plants and animals of a community depend on each other in order to survive
What are the main nonliving parts of of an ecosystem
the main nonliving parts of an ecosystem are sunlight,soil,air,water,and temperature
Why do some ecosystems include many living things
those ecosystems have plenty of food, shelter,and space
Is a row of bean plants in a garden a population or a community?Explain.
It is a population because the plants are a group of the same species