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Does size change an objects density
No, size doesn't change an objects density.
Describe the properties of Hydrogen
flamable, less dence than air. It's clear and odorless.
Boiling point
The boiling point is the temerature at which a substance turns from a liquid to a gas.
when different elementars are joined together to form a new chemical substance.
Degrees Celsius
metric temperature scale on which water freezes at 0 degrees and boils at 100 degrees.
Degrees Fahrenheit
standard temperature scale on which water freezes at 32 degrees and boils at 212 degrees.
amount of mass of a substance in a specific space or volume, calculated by mass divided by volume.
matter that is made up of atoms with identical chemical properties.
Melting Point
temperature at which a substance turns from a solid to a liquid.
combination of two or more substances that keep their chemical properties. Soil, salt and pepper, and sugar water are examples of mixtures.
type of mixture that is uniform throughout, such as Kool-Aid and sugar water.