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What is the liquid portion of the Earth called?
What is a lithosphere
Solid portion of Earth that includes crust and upper mantle.
What is the definition of a species?
A kind of organism that is different from all other organisms.
Are gray squirrels an example of a population?
yes-gray squirrels are an example of a population.
What is the definition of an individual?
One single organism
Name the two parts of the Earth that make up the lithosphere.
Crust and upper mantle
What is an instar?
Stage a milkweed bug goes through as it matures.
What does atmosphere mean?
The gases that surround Earth
What is a nymph?
immature milkweed bug
What is the definition of biosphere?
The lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere working together with all of its abiotic and biotic factors.
What is another word for biosphere?
What is the definition of community?
All the interacting populations of living organisms in a specific area.
Is a field an example of a community?
Is the ocean an example of a community?
What is the definition of ecosystem?
system of living and nonliving factors in a specific area
Is an ocean an example of a community of an ecosystem