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What is the process used to move food down the body
What are the three uses of the HCl in our stomach?
Kills bacteria
Makes the protease work
stops salivary amylase from working
What are the factors of an Enzyme?
Made of proteins
do not eat
are not living
biological catalysts
What is the equation for aerobic respiration?
what is the equation for anaerobic respiration?
Glucose=H2O+Lactic Acid
Why is the tongue important?
rolls food into bolus
assist in the beginning of peristalsis
What two products are excreted by the stomach?
Mucus to stop the stomach from self digestion
Gastric juices, a mixture of HCl and enzymes to break down the food
What is the function of a Villi
to absorb digested food into the bloodstream, capillaries absorb glucose and amino acids, lacteals absorb fat
What features of a villi makes it suited for its job?
Large surface area as the villi increase the surface area of the small intestine and this is further improved by the micro villi on the ends of the villi
What are the two parts of the large intestine?
What is the purpose of the colon?
to absorb water and minerals from undigested food
What is the purpose of the rectum?
to store the faeces until the anal sphincter releases it out through the anus
Why is fibre important?
fibre is important as it maintains movement for peristalsis of the digestive tract. when a diet is low in fibre constipation can occur.
What is meiosis?
Gamete cell division
what is mitosis?
cell division for growth or repair
What are the amino acid pair combination's available?
AT (adenine) (thymine)
CG (cytosine) (guanine)
Explain the process of replication
replication of dna is when part of the molecule unwinds and the complementary base pairs in that part seperate. the bases of each strand then acts as a template and a new complementary strand is formed against each of the original strands. the ends of the nucleotides join to form the sides of the ladder shape and the DNA twists into a double helix
What is genetic mutation?
A genetic mutation is when there is a different copy of DNA from the original, this can be caused randomly or from exposure to radiation
what part of the cell holds the genetic code?
What are environmental factors?
synthetic factors that occur without genetic lineage
What are genetic factors?
Factors that are coded into the organism's DNA and due to genetic lineage
What are the advantages and disadvantages of asexual reproduction?
faster more efficient breeding
all offspring are exactly the same
does not require a mate
energy not wasted in creating gametes
all offspring have the exact same genetic weaknesses
No variation of offspring
What are the advantages and disadvantages of sexual reproduction?
genetic variation in offspring
requires mate
energy loss due to gamete production
What is genetic engineering?
synthetic alterations of an organisms DNA to improve the efficiency of the organism
Why is a mule unable to reproduce?
It has 23 chromosomes and therefore is unable to split the chromosomes into two during the reproduction phase