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What is a Lunar eclipse?
Earths shadow covering moon
What causes the seasons?
the tilt of the earth
What does the earth do with its axis?
it rotates
What is a revolution?
the earths orbit around the sun
How do we get day and night?
earths rotation which is eastward
how do we get a year?
earths revolution
how many degrees is the tilt?
23.5 degrees
What is leap year and why do we have them?
every 4 years we add a day is a leap year. this is because the earth takes 365 days and little more
how do we get spring or fall?
when tilt is not at sun or away its in the middle
why does the sun rise in the east and set in the west?
rotation because earth rotates eastward
how long is the lunar phase cycle?
29.5 days
Which means getting darker: waning or waxing?
Which one means getting lighter?: waning or waxing?
Why does lunar phase cycle take 29.5 days when a moons revolution is 27.3 days?
This is because the earth is revolving too. So the moon takes an extra 2 days to catch up with the earth
what is this?
solar eclipse
How much of the is always lit by the sun?
half is always lit
how much of the moom is always lit?
what is this?
lunar eclipse
what causes the phases of the moon?
by angle at which we view the moon
does the moon rotate?
does moon revolve?
if the moon does revolve around the earth then why do we not have eclipses twice a month?
there not in direct linement. moon is at a 5 degrees difference
what does a moon day equal?
27.3 days
what does a year equal on moon?
27.3 days
if the usa sees a full moon, what will china see?
full moon its the same
Do u always see the same side of moon?