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What is Air Pressure?
A force that is the result of the weight of a cloumn of air pushing down on an area
What types of weather is associated with high and low pressure?
High Pressure- mostly clear skys and fair weather. Cool temperatures and usually do not vary very much
Low Pressure- Clouds and percipitaion; many different temperature
What is the Coriolis Effect?
In the Northern Hemisphere movement of a fluid (gas or liquid) is deflected to the right of it's path due to the spin of the Earth
What instruments are used to measure air pressure and wind?
Air Pressure- Barometer
Wind- Anemometer (wind speed)
What units is air pressure measured in?
What units is wind speed measured in?
Air Pressure-
Wind Speed-
Where will winds tend to blow from and to?
Local winds blow from high pressure to low pressure
How is wind speed related to isobars?
When isobars are closer together, wind speed is faster
What is the Beaufort scale?
A meathod of determining wind speed by observing your surroundings rather than using an anemometer
What is air mass?
A section of air having consistant measurements of temperature and humidity
What is a front?
The area where air masses meet and do not mix
What weather is associated with a cold front?
What type of weather comes before a warm front?
What are the four types of fronts?
Cold Fronts, Warm Fronts, Stationary Fronts and Occluded Fronts
What is happening at each type of front?
Cold Front- Clod air is shoving under warm air, pushing it upward
Warm Front-Warm air pushes up over cold air
Staionary Front- Clouds can form on either side of the front
Occluded Front- Tells you the low pressure center is weakening
Where is the warm and cold air measured in each type of front?
If the cold air is moving in to replace the warm air, the front is called a cold front. If the warm air mass is moving in to replace the cold air, the front is called a warm front.