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What is a compound?
a combination of 2 or more elements
What is the smallest part of a compound
a molecule
What is an ion?
a charged particle, that has more or fewer electrons than protons
How do atoms become ions?
they gain or lose elecrons
What is a cation?
atom that has lost electrons
What is an anion?
atom that has gained electrons
What is an ionic bond?
a bond where atoms lose or gain electrons, whenever there is a metal in the bond,opppossite ions attract
What is a covalent bond
atoms share electrons
What are the elements in group 18 and why are they called this?
Noble Gases- and this is b/c they are the least reactive and dont react with anything.
______ are pieces of matter in which all the atoms are alike
The smallest piece of an element is an __________
Compounds have characteristics that are _______ than the elements that make them up