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What is the mode
the set the occurs most often
What is the mean
the average;adding up all the data and dividing it by the number of data there.
what is median
the number in the middle of the set
What is a case study
An indepth study that tells the story about the subjects
What are the benefits of a case study
in depth information
may get insights that other methods would miss
What are the limitations of a case study
depends on honesty
may be limited when applying it to a large population
What is a genogram
graphic description of relationships within a family
What is validity
do the questions relate well to the purpose and objective of the study
what is reliablity
consistancy of data
What are quantitive questions
there are multiple choice, true and false, scaled
what are qualitative questions
open ended questions where the subjects provide words
what are benefits of a survey
can get a lot of data quickly and survey a lot of people
what are the limitations
subjects could lie
misunderstand questions