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What is Revelation?
the basis for christianity
God vs. Humanity
what are two types of revelation?
General and Special
What is general revelation?
creation or Nature; through the universe
What is a verse for general Revelation
Romans 1:20
What is uniformity
A lack of diversity.
What is causality
the universe must have causes.
What is Knowable
Studying what God has Provided to become closer to him.
What is Special Revelation
a body of authoritative truth; through a book
What did Issac Newton do?
Discovered the laws of motion.
What is the dependent Variable?
what is measured
What is the independent variable?
what is varied to determine the impact on the dependent variable
What are controlled varables?
variables that are held constant to eliminate the possibility that other factors are affecting the outcome.
What is the placebo Effect?
Change in the variable or outcome of interest due to human expectantly.
Order of Scientific Paper?
What is valitdity?
the logical progression of a chain of reasoning where the conclusion follows from the premises or assumptions
Inductive Reasoning
the drawing of a conclusion from a number of known facts
deductive reasoning
reasoning from the general to the particular
Limitations of Science
conducted by biased human beings
Inability to provide proof of its results
a claim that can be tested
Tends to be self-correcting
a claim that can't be tested
not self-correcting
what is a Fallacy?
mistakes in reasoning
typically committed by people on the fringe of science
what major disagreement between the catholic church and early modern scientists was over what?
whether the sun revolved aroudn the earth or vice versa
What is generality
the property of being applicable to the widest possible variety of phenomena
We do not see with our eyes but with our minds?
seeing is a learned phenomenon
God reveals himself to us as a God of Order through what verse.
1 Corinthians 14:33