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Imaginary line drawn around the center of the earth, equal distance from the poles.
Half of the Earth, can be either Northern and Southern Hemispheres divided by the equator, or Eastern and Western Hemispheres divided by the prime Meridian and the Internetional Date Line.
Imaginary parallel lines measured in degrees running North and South from equator.
Imaginary lines measured in degrees running from pole to pole. Labeled East to West depending on relationship to the Prime Meridian. Longitude lines are also called meridians.
Prime Meridian
Zero Meridian line passing through Greenwich, England, from which all longitude is measured.
International Date Line
Imaginary line at 180 degrees, opposite the Prime Meridian, where the date changes.
To break apart, to disperse
Tropic of Cancer
imaginary line 22.5 degrees above the equator marking the northern hemisphere boundary of the tropics.
Tropic of Capricorn
imaginary line 22.5 degrees below the equator marking the southern boundary of the tropics.
Compass Rose
Pattern drawn on maps to designate directions.
Fleur de Lis
Symbol drawn on some maps to designate North "flower of life"
Where do Longitudes run?
East to West
Where to Latitudes run?
NOrth to South
In what order are Longitudes and Latitudes when assigning a measurement?
Latitude, Longitude
What does this mean:
GMT = Ztime = UTC = UT
Greenwich Mean Time is the same as Zulu Time which is the same as Universal Time Coordinated which is the same as Universal Time