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The metric prefix "milli means?
The metric prefix "kilo" means?
1 centimeter is equal to ____ m and ____ mm
.01, 10
on the celsius scale, at what temperature does water boil?
100 degrees c
what are the diff branches of natural science?
physical, earth and space, and life
what are the building blocks of all matter?
why is a compound a pure substance?
their chemically combined, can be broken down,
why isnt milk a pure substance?
there is more than one substance in it..fat,calcium..etc
a substance that is made up of only one atom?
what is an element?
a substance that cannot be broken down
the symbol for aluminum
symbol for gold
y is water a compound
its a pure substance
y is sand a mixture but silicon dioxide (Quartz) not?
in quartz every part is silicon ,in sand, there r many minerals
a mixture that appears to contain only one substance is an
homogeneous mixture
heterogeneous mixture?
not the same throughout
soy milk says shake b4 open..the soy milk is probly
a material that is malleable and conducts electricity is most likely...
what property of wax makes it useful for making molds?
its got a low melting point
filtration can be used to seperate mixtures based on their
size of particles
what method can be used to seperate parts of a liquid mixture when the entire mixture can pass through a filter?
when a PHYSICAL change occurs, what are some things that do NOT change?
the composition of matter
how is physical change diff from chemical change
phy- when properties change but the material stays the same
chem- reacts or forms one or more new substances
what are some clues that a chemical change has occured..
change in color, production of a gas, formation of a participate
in which type of substances are the forces of attraction among the particles so weak that they can be ignored under ordinary conditions?
the result of a force distributed over an area
collisions of helium atoms and the alls of a closed container cause..
gas pressure
when mr snow pushes on his hand, and the balloon...
raising the temp and volume in a closed container will increase its pressure if the volume of the gas...
remains constant
the temp and volume in a closed container of gas remain constant. if the # of particles of gas is increased, the gas pressure will..
boyle's law states that the volume of a gas is inversely proportional to its pressure if the ________________ are constant.
temp and # of particles
2 things
the heat of fusion for water is the amount of energy needed for water to..
what changes in energy occur as ice melts?
the ice is absorbing heat energy
phase change: liquid to gas
3 phase changes that have an endothermic change?
melting, vaporizing, subliming
phase change: exothermic changes
freezing, condensation, deposition.
democritus thought that matter was made of tiny particles that_________
could not be divided
main points of daltons theory
all elements are composed of atoms

atoms of diff elements always combine the same way

compounds contain atoms of more than one element.
jj thomsons experiments provided evidence that an atom
has negitively charged particles
rutherfords gold foil experiment provided evidence for the existance of __________ in the atom.
the nucleus
in an atomic model that includes a nucleus, positive charge is located.....
in the center of the atom
what is unique for any given element
# of protons
to find the # of neutrons in an element, subtract________ from the ________
protons, mass #
what can u assume happened if an electron moves to a higher energy level
it has absorbed energy
how was bohrs atomic model similar to rutherfords
both nucleus' were postively charged in the center of the atom
how are electrons arranged in bohrs model
they move witha constant speed in fixed orbits around the planets
what does the electron cloud model describe
likely locations of electrons
what does the electron cloud represent
exact location of electrons around the nucleus
good analogy for an electron in an atomic orbital
bee flying in a jar
the glowing of a neon light is caused by electrons emitting energy as they________________________________.
move from high energy levels and then back to ground state giving off thrusts of light.
mendeleev arranged the known chemical elements in a table according to increasing____
in a periodic table, a set of properties repeats from ___ to ____.
atomic mass of an element..
average mass of all isotopes
why is silicon classified as a metalloid?
it has the properties of a metal and a nonmetal
2 highly reactive elements in period 4 are the metal potassium and the nonmetal____
atoms of the most reactive elements tend to have _____ valence electrons
alkaline earthe metal has how many v/e?
what is true about fluorine, chlorine and iodine
they have 7 v/e
which halogen is most likely to react?
to keep from reacting, some highly reactive elements are stored in..
a noble gas (argon)
which element is found in nature only in compounds?
which element is found in most compounds in ur body except for water
ionization energies tend to_________ from left to right across a period
the formation of an ionic bond involves the _________ of ____________?
properties of sodium chloride?
high melting/boiling point...soluble in water
typical properties of an ionic compound
compounds form in repeating pattern called a crystal
what does a substance need to have in order to be called a molecule?
a covalant bond
when 2 atoms of the same nonmetal react, they often form a _______
diatomic molecule
what does it mean when elements are connected by a long dash?
they have a polar covalant bond. shared pair of valence electrons
what is a polar covalant bond?
electrons are not shared equally
why does water have a high boiling point
the water molecules are so polar so it takes more time to seperate
what is the formula for lithium chloride
L(little one)Cl
how many neutrons are found in aluminum-27?
what type of bonding occurs in the compound BaCl(little 2)
ionic bonding
what type of bonding occurs in the molecule H20?
polar covalant
what type of bonding occurs in a diatomic molecule of 02(little 2).