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What are the steps of the scientific method?
ASk a question?
Form a hypotheis
Test hypotesis
Anylaze results
Draw conclusion
Comunicate resulst
Whats a bar graph for?

Comparing data quickly
What is apie graph best used for?
showing percentages
Whats a linbe graph best used for?
looking at changes over time
Whats the y azis
the vericle axis . shows the dependant variable
Whats the x axis
the x axis shows the independant variable, horizantle line
title define
tells the reader what he or she is studying
Whats a hypotesis
a possible explination or answe to a questin
how do ppl ttest hypotheses
desighn experiments that will show weather a facort caused it
whats a factor
anything that finluences an experiments outcome
whatas a controlled experiment
an experiment that test only one factor and a time
whata a variable
factors that differs
Whats the edpendatnt varibale? whatsa the independent varibale?
dependant-varible caused by the independant varibale

independant- varibale thats chosen by the perosn doint the experiment