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Blood type is controlled by what
multiple alleles
Hemophilia is caused by
sex linked genes
inserting a human gene into a bacterial plasmid
genetic engineering
oraganism's genetic make up or allele combinations
a organism's phsyical appearance or visble trait
the allele that is masked over by the dominant allele
a chart that shows all the possible combinations of allele that can result from a genetic cross
punnit square
down syndrome
-called trisome21
-caused by three copies of chromosome 21
-characteristics short stature, stubby fingers, round head, and mental retardation
Sex linked recessive condition
-usually carried on the x chromosome
-males usually have the trait
-daughters often are carriers
-females inherit the allele from both parents
-carrier is a person who has one recessive allle and one dominant
-a carrier does nto have the trait but can pass the recessive allele onto the offspring
pedigree chart
-a chart or "family tree" that tracks which family members have a particular trait
when you have 2 identical allele combination, your a pure breed
One allele on a trait is dominant, the other recessive
the passing of a trait from parent to offspring
multiple alleles
thee or more forms of a gene that code for a single trait
differance between meiosis and mitosis
meiosis- 4 sex cells, 23 chromosomes each
mitosis-2 normal cells, 46 chromosomes each
mask's over rcessive allele
Blood type A
Ia Ia, Ia i
Blood type B
Ib Ib, Ib i
Blood type AB
Ia Ib
Blood type O
i i