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Where are chromosomes located?
In the cell's nucleus
Chromosomes come in set of____?
Two or pairs
Every chromosome is composed of__?
material called chromatin.
What is chromatin made of?
Very long, thin strands of DNA.
What part of the chromosome controls inherited traits?
Genes. Each gene affects a different trait.
Why do chromosmes come in pairs?
Each partent contributes a version of the same chromosme to their offspring, which makes two.
Do the chromosomes of a same pair have a similar or different size?
Similar size
What are Alleles?
Theya re different versions of the same gene.
Why do most genes have two or more forms for each trait?
Because chromosomes come in pairs
Who hypothesized that inherited "factors" produced certain traits?
Gregor Mendel
What are the inherited "factors" now called?
In heterozygous organism's, how many genes are hidden?
What kind of gene shows and what kind is hidden?
A dominate gene shows and a recessive gene is hidden.
An organism is homozygous if it has what?
2 like genes for a given trait.
An organism is hetorozygous if it has what?
2 unlike genes for a trait.