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List 5 ways to conserve energy.
1.Drive slower 2.Showers(short)
3.Turn off lights(& TV) 4.Lower the thermostate(winter) raise (summer)
5.Any water leaks 6.Using subways instead of cars 7.using smaller cars
EPA stands for what.
Enviromental Protection Agency
Companies illegally dumping pollution in water
point source
sanitary land fills
non-point source
The general term used for precipitation that is more acidic than normal.
acid rain
What is the best way to control acid rain?
stop releasing sulfer and nitrogen oxides into the air
Sulfuric acid comes from what?
fossil fuels which cannot be replaced
Form of conservation that in which discarded materials that can be used again are separated and sent to factories where they can be restored (being able to replace)
What is 2 ways we can use less gas?
Make smaller cars,car-pool, abd drive slower
The control of the prices of gas and fuel.
The wise use of natural resources so that they will not be used up too juickly or used in a way that will damage the enviroment.
Gases or particles given off when fossil fuels are burned
Emmision-control device that changes hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide in automobile exhaust into carbon doixide and water vapor
Catalytic Converter