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If a rock were taken from earth to the moon, how would its mass and weight be affected?
Rock will weigh less because there is no gravity on the moon. The force of the gravity between your body and the moon would be less.
List four properties of matter
liquid, gas, solid and magnetism
What is magnetic another property of?
What happens when an object is placed in water?
If the upward push is strong enough compared to the object's weight, the object will float.
How do you measure weight?
Use a quantity called the newton to measure force. One newton is the same of .22 pounds
How is volume measured?
Cubic centimeters
What happens if the density is more than the water's density?
The matter will sink.
What happens if the density is less than water's density?
The material will float.
What is buoyancy?
The push up on an object
What is density?
How tightly packed matter is.
What are three forms of matter?
Gas, Liquid and solid
What is actually the force of gravity between Earth and a book?
Measures how much space a sample of matter takes up
What does Conduct do?
It allows heat or electricity to flow through readily
What properties are used to classify matter?
density, ability to conduct electricity and magnetism
What metal is a good conductor of electricity?
What is Density?
A measure of how tightly packed matter is; the amount of mass contained in a given volume
What is volume
The amountof space an object takes up
What is weight?
(on Earth) a measure of the force of gravity between Earth and an object
What is Mass
The amount of matter in an object
Why is plastic used to coat the wire that conducts electricity?
It insulates the passage of the electricity so the person holding the wire will not get shocked.
What is buoyancy?
The upward push on an object by the liquid (or gas) the object is placed in
How many poles does a magnet have?
2 -North and South
How do engineers and scientists use properties of matter?
When they design and build things
How is mass measured?
What does Insulate mean?
It does not allow heat or electricity to flow through readily.
What is magnetic?
when certain object push or pull on each other.
Anything that has mass and takes up space