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How are birds able stay dry??
By creating an oil that they pat on their feathers. This oil causes the water to run off of the birds feathers rather then sink in.
Are the bones extremely light??
Yes, they are thing and hollow unlike the bones that most other animals have.
What type of feather helps birds fly??
The strenght of the feather is made by the shaft in the middle of the feather.
There are some birds that dont use their wings to fly. Why not??
In most cases these birds are to large to lift themselves off of the ground because their wings are not able to lift that much weight.
True or False? These feathers fluff up when the bird is cold and traps air next to the birds body. The air is warmed by the bird and held close to the body as an insulation.
What are the feathers that birds have to keep their body temp. regulated??
Why do birds molt??
This happends to a bird when they loser feathers and frow new ones back to replace them.
Do birds use alot of energy??
Do most birds eat up to two times their body weight each??
Yes,they do that to keep their energy.
Are feathers also used to help keep birds warm??
Do birds use alot of energy??
Yes, Since most birds fly from place to place they use alot of energy.
Name 5 characteristics of birds.
1.All birds are warm-blooded. This means that the body temp. of the animal remains the same as the air or water around it.
2.All bireds have different freather shapes and sizes.
3.The give egg birth.
4.They all have wings.
5.Breathe with lungs.