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The Mexican general that attacked the Alamo was Antonio Lopez de _____ _____.
Santa Anna
What famous American died on the Titanic?
John Jacob Astor
The _____ Trail started in Nauvoo, Illinois and ran all the way to Salt Lake City.
Zachary Taylor defeated the Mexican General Santa Anna in the Battle of _____ ______.
Buena Vista
Pierre Chouteau used ________ to move supplies into the mountains.
What trail ran from Fort Hall to Sacramento?
Who was the first white woman to cross the Rocky Mountains?
Narcissa Whitman
What city in Mexico did General Winfield Scott capture?
Mexico City
Who was the famous Mormon leader that led his people west to Utah?
Brigham Young
Who was the mountain man that was attacked by a grizzly bear in the present state of South Dakota?
Hugh Glass
The Old Spanish Trail ran from Santa Fe to _________.
Los Angeles
The Santa Fe Trail ran from _______, Missouri to Santa Fe, New Mexico.
John Colter was part of the _______ and _______ expedition.
Lewis and Clark
What river did the Oregon Trail follow across Nebraska?
The yearly meeting of the mountain men was called the ________.
The Mexican War lasted from 1846 to ________.
What was the favorite gun of the mountain man?
Who was the multi-millionaire owner of the American Fur Company?
What two countries divided Oregon in 1846?
United States and Great Britain
Texas became the Lone ______
Republic in 1836 and remained an independent nation until 1845 when it became part of the _______ ________.
United States
List 3 reasons why the Mexicans did not like the Americans that lived in Texas.
1. They spoke English
2. They disobeyed laws
3. They were Protestant
Who defeated the Mexican army in the Battle of San Jacinto?
Sam Houston
Who discovered the Great Salt Lake?
Name the 3 states that were part of the Mexican Cession.
1. California
2. Arizona
3. Nevada
Who was President of the United States from 1845-1849?
Pierre Chouteau was the owner of the Upper ________ Fur Company.
Who discovered the South Pass?
Jedediah Smith
Name 3 famous people who died at the Alamo?
1. Colonel Travis
2. Jim Bowie
3. Davy Crockett
James Marshall discovered gold in 1848 in what state?
What were the 3 routes to California?
1. Around South America
2. Over Land
3. Across Panama
List the 3 parts of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
1. Texas was part of the U.S.
2. The Red River was the boundary.
3. Mexican Cession