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What has no definate shape or volume?
How do the particles move in a solid?
They vibrate back and fourth
How does the particles move in a liquid?
they move a little faster than a liquid and there more freely
What is Matter?
It is anything that takes up space.
How do the particles move in a gas?
they move a lot and fast everywhere
What takes the shape of its container but has no definate shape but definate volume?
a liquid
What is a graph?
A graph is a diagram that tells how two varibles, or factors, are related.
What has a definate volume and definate shape?
a solid
What is volume?
Volume is the amount of space that matter fills
What is pressure?
pressure is the motion of gas particles is related to the force,or push, of the particles against the walls of there container.
What is temperature?
Temperature is a measure of the average energy of motion of the particles in a substance.