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A ___ ____ is one that is made up of many compound machines.
complex machine
The bigger the difference in gear size the _____ the different in there speed.
When working together if two gears are different sizes,the smaller gear turns _______ than the larger gear.
In what ways can two or more gears together change the force put into the machine.
They can change speed,direction and strengh
The Faster the machine runs,the _____ the faster the friction produced by the moving parts in it
What happens to some energy of machines because of friction?
Changes Useless heat
How can you make a machine with mateal parts last longer?
Oiling and greasing machines regularly will help
What is he problem with using energy powered by feul?
air pollution
Often,_____ preform tasks to boring dangerous or difficult for humans.
How hasautomation affect automoblie manufacturing in Japan.
Almost completly automate (ppl lose jobs)
What Are Gears?
Gears are toothed wheels that devolope from a wheel or a lever
The source of the energy to run a motorcycle is ____
Oil and Grease are used to reduce ___________.
The burning of fossil feuls produces air