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The name of all the continents in 1 big continent.
Idea that Earth's continents were all one big continent.
continential drift
He propsed continential drift
Alfred Wegener
Molten material from Earth's mantle is forced upward to the surface at mid-ocean ridges & cools to form new seafloor.
Sea-Floor Spreading
Suggests Earth's crust and upper mantle are broken into sections called plates.
Plate Tectonics
Crust and Uppermost mantle
The putty-like layer.
Boundary between 2 plates that are moving away from each other and spreading apart.
Divergent Boundary
Crustal material being destroyed where two plates meet head on.
Convergent Boundary
Formed when 2 plates slide past 1 another in opposite directions at different rates.
Transform Fault Boundary
Used to measure Earth Quakes
Rictor Scale
How many locations is needed to get the location of an earthquake?
Magma forced up through cracks in the solid lithosphere and spills out as lava.
Hot Spots