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The preserved remains or traces of living things.
Paleontologists use the fossils they collect to determine what past life forms were like
Sedimentary Rock
A type of rock made by hardened sediment.
Petrified Fossil
Petrified fossils are fossils in which minerals replace all or part of an oganism.
A mold is a hollow area in sediment in the shape of an organism or part of an organism.
A cast is a copy of the shape of an oganism.
Carbon Film
Carbon film is an extremely thin coating of carbon on rock.
Trace Fossil
Trace fossils provide evidence of the activities of ancient organisms.
Scientific Theory
A scientific theory is a well-tested concept that explains a wide range of observations.
Evolution is the gradual change of living organisms over long periods of time.
A type of organism is extinct if it no longer exists and will never again exist.
Fossil Record
The fossil record provides evidence about the history of life on Earth.