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the green like substance found in plants which is used for making food.
What makes some protists plant-like?
They can make their own food.
How can the remains of diatom cell walls help humans?
The remains are used in toothpaste, paint, scouring powder, and dust to fight garden pests.
How are the cells of an amemba (animal) and a diatom(plant) similar?
They both have a
cell membrane: surrounds and protects the cell.
nucleus: cell's control center
cytoplasm: a jellylike material which surrounds the nucleus.
How are the cells of an ameba (animal cell) and a diatom (plant cell) different?
A diatom has a cell wall.
Cell Wall
is the stiff structure outside the cell membrane.
What is a plantlike protist?
A plantlike protist contains chlorophyll and makes its own food. It has a cell wall, cell membrane, nucleus, and cytoplasm. A diatom is a plantlike protist.
a plant cell