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What are some problems of using fossil fuels.
Acid rain formation and they can be used up
What is a TURBINE.
A turbine is a machine that converts the energy in steam to mechinal energy.
How are fossil fuels used.
Fossel fuels are burned to boil water creating steam which turns the turbin blades turning the generator making the electricity
Define FUEL.
A substance that is burned to release its stored energy.
What is Hard Coal.
Older formed, more energy, more heat and pressure in its formation
A substance that is formed from decayed plat and animals that lived long ago
What is soft Coal.
More recently formed, less energy, less heat and pressure in its formation
What is a GENERATOR.
A generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy.
How does the formation Oil and Natural gas differ from coal.
Coal is made from plants; Oil and natural gas are formed from plants and ocean animals.
Fossil fuels, since they take millions of years to replace.
Name Three products produced from oil
Detergents, Gasoline, Plastics, and motor oil
A useful materal taken from taken from the enviroment.
What are the four steps of coal formation.
1. large plants grow in swamps
2. plants die and are buried under water and mud.
3.more plants die and increase the pressure and heat one the first layer
4. After millions of years the pressure changes the plants to coal.
What are some common fuels.
Coal, Natural Gas, and Oil
What are the Two types of coals.
Hard coal and soft coal