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In 1665 which scientist used a hand-made microscope to discover that a cork had tiny cell like rooms?
Robert Hooke
Who was the first to see movement of different types of single cells?
Antoni van Leeuwenhoek
What did Francesco Redi question?
Spontaneous Generation.
What did Redi do to prove it wrong?
He set up flasks containing raw meat, some were sealed, covered with gauze, & open air. He controlled the access of flies. The open flasks had maggots.
What did John Needham suggest?
That there was a life force that produced Spontaneous Generation.
Using flasks with an "S" shape and boiled broth nothing grew because micro-organisms & other particles did not get in, Spontaneous Generation was disproved.
Louis pasteur
Who discovered the structure of the nucleus?
Robert Brown
Schwann and Schleiden propesed what?
That all plants and animals were composed of cells and that cells were the basic unit of life.
Who further extended the cell theory by his statement that all cells arise only from pre-existing cells?
Rudolf Virchow