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Who announced thier goal of founding Beh'ism?
John B Watson
Who argued for the acceptance of animal psych & described the advantages of using animal subjects in psych research?
John B watson
what are watson's 4 methods of investigation that he deemed acceptable?
observation, w/ & w/o the use o instruments
testing methods
the verbal report method
The conditioned reflex meth
What basic units of beh'ism did Watson recognize?
S & R
B.F. Skinner's view of life:
it's a prod of past reinforcements
Who came up w/ the empty O approach?
B.F. Skinner
What is Operant Conditioning?
A learning situation that involves spontaneous beh emitted by an O rather than elicited byt a detectable stim; rat pressing bar for food
Who came up w/ field theory?
Kurt Lewin
What is Skinner's Law of Aquisition?
The Str of an operant beh is increased when it is followed by the presentation of a reinforcing stim
Who came up w/ the idea of Operant Conditioning?
B.F. Skinner
A beh'ist that studied responses only, describing, not explaining beh, only observable
B.F. Skinner
What are the three unlearned emo response patterns that infants show according to Watson?
Fear, Rage, & Love
Why did John Watson accept speech as relevant?
he said speech reactions b/c they are objectively observable, are as meaningful for beh'ism as any other type of motor response.
Who suggested a regulatory over permissive sys of child rearing?
John Watson
Who argued that psychic or mental concepts have no value for a sci of psych?
John Watson