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What is the basic aim of the student body fund?

ED CODE 48930
to promote the general welfare and moral of the students as a whole.

student body funds exist for the sole purpose o supporting no-instructional activities tht enhance the overall educational experience of students
How is a student body organization established?
constitution written
minutes kept
policies developed
group entirely student
develp budget
What are some fundraising activities that should be prohibitied?
games of chance
animal rides
act. involving darts/arrows
throwing objects at targets
destroying old cars w/hammers
selling used jewelry
rummage sales
What are some things to consider when manageing student body organizations?
school board authorization for the collection of funds
involvement of student, teachers in establishing and setting the amt. of fees
maintenance of school recrds
monthly prep of budget status report
yearly audit and review of the purposes in which the money has been spent
What are some of the expenditures by the student body that are prohibited by the state.
equipment, supplies, forms,and postage for curricular or classroom use or for district business

repair and maintenance of district owned equipment

salaries or supplies

articles for the personal use of district employees

gifts, loans, credit, or purchase of accommodations for district employees, or other personnel

contributions to fund-raising drives for charitable organizations
What are some guidelines to follow to assit schol officials in complying with proper accounting procedures?
cks shd nvr b issd 2 csh
a cmplt reconciliation shd be kept of cash collected and disbursed
site checkbooks used for field trips should be controlled by the site secretary,or a student body controller
no blank checks issued for field trips
outside org. should carry their own insurance if they sponsor field trips
all outside org. responsible for collecting their own funds
school personnel are not to sign checks, or invoices, do bookkeeping, or serve as an officer of an outside organization