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What determines the success of any educational program?
Effective leadership in fiscal planning

Principals must have knowledge of fiscal planning.

Principals must also provide staff and teachers with necessary equipment, books,supplies to make the school function effectively.
What are some advantages and disadvantages of the principal being more responsible for budgeting at the school site.
A school budget is a planning document that links educational policy to financial decisions.

As each school is unique, site budget planning enable the principal and staff to determine how and what will be priorites for funding.
What are the advantages of centralized and decentralized budget planning?
In centralized districts, principals usually haave some control over the purchase of instructional, office, and custodial supplies, field trips,and conference attendance, with more limited authority over purchase of textbooks and capital outlay equipment.

With decentalized budgets, school sites have the ability to manage utility bills, maintenance costs, and capital outlay.

Financial decision-making can be expected to devolve more to the site level as the move toward sit-based management gains momentum.
What are some of the most widely used expenditure codes for site budgets?
goal code
function code
object code
What does the term, "encumbrance mean and how is it used?
Encumbrance is the original order. When an order is place it is recorded in the encumbrance column; when the order is received and paid, the amount is placed in the expended column and - if there is a change-an adjustment is made to the balance.
What are some of the transactions that can be monitored more quickly by using a personal computer?
setting up student body fund
org. site level budget
maintaining a database of schoool site personnel
What are the basic elements of a spead sheet
What are the advantages of using excel?
creates tables of data
use formulas to calculate new info from data
prod. colorful charts
save the work which can be easily updated, rather than recreated