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Fiscal Crisis Managements Assistance Team
Define budget?
Busget is a spending plan to accomplish the instructional objectives of the district
What is a typical budget adoption calandar?
Jan.- gov. proposes budget
Late Feb - Leg. analyst releases budget
Mar-Apr - Leg. subcommittees hold hearings
Mid May - Gov proposes revisions
Late May - Full comm. approve budget
Early June - Conf. committee approves budget
June 15 - Consti. deadline for Leg. to adopt budget
June 30 - Const. deadline for gov. to sign budget
What are some features of the budget calendar?
The budget calendar detail dates when budget additoinas and reductions are reviewed, when worksheets are due in the business office, and when important policy decisions are made. It also includes the admin. responsible for each task. It also includes deadline for enrollment projections.
What might be some educational goals in a district's budget?
building inst. capacity
high qualitiy t' and lrdrshp
lrning comm. and prof. dev.
support for student dev.
schools as centers of communities in partnerships
strengthening existing high
successful plan involves parents, students, school, community
Describe a successful educational plan?
A successful education plan is one that involves parents,students, community, school. The educational plan is the most important aspect of the budget.
Give some examples of what might be included in an educational plan.
building instruct. capacity
high quality t's & p's
learning comm. & prof. dev.
support for student dev.
schools in comm. partnerships
strenghthen high school prog
account. support S achvmnt
AB 1200
This law was passes b/c many school districts had to obtain state loans to remain solvent.

The county and state gov. was authorized to review and monitor local school district budgets

The law established a system of checks and balances

It was also designed so that the county would provide assistance to local districts
AB 1200 Specifics
changed prev. budget adoption process and timelines
expanded the definition of solvency
identified new local requirements
provided a new process to follow upon disapproval of budget
estab. stern consequences for failure to meet the above provisions
AB 2756
State Emergency Loans
Legislation tightened oversight of district fiscal management

Stand. & criteria for district budget development updated

Cnty Supt Schools must notify CA Board of Acctncy if audit was not properly conducted

County oversite is strengthened and backed

Both districts and county offices must comply with added requirement in reviewing collective bargaining agreements
Fiscal Management Assistance Team

assists districts with financial and management responsibilities
What has been some of the accomplishments of FCMAT
assist districts with financial mgmt

provide staff development

dev. website with resources

provide mgmt studies

helps dist. achieve fiscal stability
List characteristics of ineffective budgeting.
ineffective estimations of ending balances

ineffective budget dev.

ineffective monitoring & rep.

ineffective attendance accounting

ineffective personnel practices
List some danger signals that precede financial insolvency
cash flow problems
small beg. end balances
unrealstc coll. barg. cntrct
turnovr in admin
inexper. key personnel
lax internal controls
inadeq. financial review
internal political stuggles
enrollment decline
Describe difference between school site decentralization and school site centralzntn
Decentralization is when the site committee deternines that sugg. conflict with district policy and may need to depend on central office to make the decision

cenralized budget mode the governing board still has the final say over the budget