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1968 Serrano vs. Priest
inequity in property assessment

unconstitutional to link link school revenues per pupil to local property wealth
1972 - Senate Bill 90
limited the maximum amount of general purpose state and local revenues a local district could receive

revenue limit set a base amount per student

added an adjust ment for student with special needs

increased limit in response to inflation
1977 - Senate Bill 65
Squeeze Factor

annual inflation adjustment based on a sliding scale

higher cost of living increases were to go to districts with low revenue limits

higher revenue districts owuld receive a smaller increase
1978 Prop 13
rolled back property taxes

Jarvis and Gann leaders of this tax revolt

Almost all of Calif tax dollars to to Sacto

Sacto distributes the money as it sees fit

shifted power in edcuation from local to state

imposed a 1% limit on property taxes

imposes 2% annual inflation limit

unequal collection of taxes

gnerates more taxes to be paid than the initial 2%

more state aid was given to the schools
1979 - GANN Limit
the limits permit goernment spending to increase at a rate not faster than inflation and the change in the population
1983- Senate Bill 813
Hughes - Hart

increase in beginning teachers salary

longer school year

money for instructional supplies

counseling for high school sophmores

mentor program

mini grants for teachers
1984 Prop. 37
state lottery
1988 - prop 98
estab. constitutionally based funding floor for K-14 education

provided maintenance of reserve by the state


minimum base funding

formula that adjusts revenue

eliminated competition for direct funding

modified GANN limit

in case states receive tax revenues that exceed the GANN limit, 50% will be allocated
What can Gann limit EXCESS funding be used for
class size reduction

instructional suppplies

direct services to students

staff development

teacher compensation
1990 - Prop 111

continued funding for public education and community college

revised the formula for the minimum funding guarantee for public schools and community colleges
1996 - Senate Bill 1977
class size reduction
1977 - Senate Bill 376
1998 Prop 227
Bilingual Education
Gove Davis's Plan for Educ.

class size reduction


Pub. School Accountability

High School Exit Exam
2000-Prop 38
School of choice

voucher initiative
2000 - GO Bonds
restoration of capital outlay
funding to school districts

allowed school districts to form special districts to sell construction bonds subject to 2/3 approval
2002 - Prop 49
After School Education and Safety
2004 - recall
Recall of Governor Davis