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What is the history of school transportation
1900 - Turn of the century
18 states had laws funding public transportation

1920 - 1st bus chassis - 20 seat passenger bus developed

1926 - N.C. contract for 200 school buses

1939-1st national school transportation conference
1954-Brown vs Bd of Education
elimination of segregated bus

1956-motorists stop for buses

1959-first diesel bus

1975 - Ed. for all handicapped children act

1977 - federal safety standards

1986 - safety belts (mandated seat belts in buses, but not using them

1975- drug and alchohol testing for school bus drivers
What are some policy considerations for bus transportation?
is transportation to be used to and from school only

if used for athletic and extra curr. activities are there guidelines for mileage, overnight stays, etc

what are the state and district walking distances for children of various ages and grades

what are the training programs established for workers

is it financially and politically wise to contract for student transportation

are routing and scheduling managed economicaly

have long range plans been made for bus replacement

are accounting methods in place and adequate for proper filing of claims for state reimbursement
What is the major transportation problem?
How safe is it to ride a school bus.
There is an average of about 10 fatalities per year out of 10 billion student trips
What is assembly bill 15?
After 2002, all school buses must have safety belts.

legislation requred upper torso and pelvic constraints

implementation was delayed when assembly bill 568 was approved
What did Senate Bill 568 do?
seat belts in Type II buses (carrying no more than 16 passengers) manufactured after July 1, 2004

Type I buses carrying more than 16 passengers manufactured after July 1, 2005
What implicates did Senate Bill 568 have on school districts?
seat belts would reduce capacity from 17 to 33% depending on the bus and its floor plan

who will be responsible to assure students have on seat belts

what are the liability and insurance implications
Arcadia Unified School District vs. Department of Education
it is legal for the school district to charge a fee for home-to-school transportation as long as students who cannot afford to pay are exempted from the fee

students in extracurricular activities are exempted from the fee as a ruling from Hartzel v. Connell
Hartzel v. Connell
fee for extracurricular activities violates free school guaranteee