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Why is the stage called latency?
because its a quiet period between preschool age and puberty
When is the cerebral cortex completely myelinated
age 7
What is the age range for the school age child?
When do kids lose baby teeth?
early school age kids
What happens to weight during 6-12
When does puberty begin?
ages 10-12 , end of latency state
What is lateralization
one hemisphere of brain becomes dominant
What are the three hallmarks of brain development in school age?
1) lateralization
2) changes in electrical activity
3) increase in head circumference
4) myelination of cortex
What is the change of cognitive development in the school aged child?
preoperational to concrete operations
What is the concrete operations period?
school age child can not manipulate ideas in absence of objects,
What things change in the concrete operations phase?
-not egocentric
What is the conservation principle?
school aged kids can understand the conservation of size quantity or weight despite altered appearance
What is the name that Freud had for the school aged child stage?
What is the role of self esteem in school age kids?
Preeminent force predicting academic and social functioning
What is the morality shift in schoolaged kids?
social acceptability for social order
What is Erikson's stage for the school aged child? What is the goal?
Industry versus inferiority
goal: competence