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What are the steps of invadtion of a cell by a virus?
The steps are one ataches to to cell. Two ingets itself into the three two things cound happen bassed on what kinda virus it is it could a take over or become lanet and become paaart of the cell but after awhile it goes back to take over the makes copies then releases.
What are HIV and AIDS
HIV is Human immunodeficiency virus. AIDS is Aquired immune deficiency snydrome.
What are HIV and ADIS?
HIV and AIDS are latent viruses that there is no cure and the body can't fight because it atacks the immue system.
What are the levels of organization?
the level of organization are organlle - cell - tissue - organ - organ tissue - organism - population.
what is an organlle?
An organlle is inside a cell with a certain job to do.
What are some of the organlle?
cell memebrane, cyoplasm,er rough and smouth,ribosomes, golgi bodies, vesicle, lysosome, mitochondrion, nuclues, nucular membrane, vacuole, cell wall , chloroplast.
What is choroplast?
Plants and some protist. Take in sun and co2 to make oxegen and sugar for the plant in a procces called photosynthies.
what is a cell membrane?
All cells have it. It is a thin layer that controlls what comes in and out of the cell.
What are golgi bodies?
All cells but bacteria and some prosits. Pacage and ship protien.
What are the differences and simularaties between animal and plant cells?
Plants are rectanular and animal are roundish. plans hve cell walls and chloraplast animal has nithier but all have the rest.
how do you find the total manication?
what are the total manication?
low 40x
med 100x
high 400x
What is a cytoplasm?
Cytoplasm is the what all the the organlles float in.
What is E.R? Smouth? Rough?
E.R or Endoplasmic reticulum are found in some prosit, fungi ,and plants.
Smouth and rough er
Er job is to transport stuff in side the cell. Rough Er has riboosomes and smouth er doesn't.
What are ribosomes?
all cells it's job is to make protinen it is located all over the chlorplasm.
What is a vesicle?
All cells but some porstist they are the transporst for the golgi bodies.
What is a lyosome?
All cells digustes wiegh and old cell parts.
What is a mitchondrion?
Fungues,plants,animal and some protist. Breaks down food for energy.
What is a nucleus?
All exepct bactreia. Controlls the cell and all its actions.
What is a nucular membrane?
All exepct bactreia. Protectes and helps the things that go into the nuculus.
What is a vachole?
Found in all but bactreia.Tempomary storge for food, water, pigments, and waste
What is a cell wall?
Found in all but animal. Its good is to protec and suport the cell. it also lets thing in and out of the cell.
how do you classify a virus?
by its shape.
how do viruses reperduce?
Virures can CAN'T repurduce by itself it needs a living cell to take over and the force it to make more viruses.
What makes up a virus?
hereditary materal and a protien coat.
What is the cell theroy
1 All organismis are made up one or more cells.
2. Cells are the basic units of sturture and funtion in all organisms.
3. All cells come from cells that already exist.
What is the diference between prokaryotic and eukarotic? Examples?
The differnence between the to is prokaryotic have no nuclar memebrane an example is bateria and eukarotic does example is plant cells.