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IDLH=1200, presents with milde headache and red skin, common at all fires, black smoke, dangerous at 1% or more
carbon monoxide
burning plastics PVC, colorless to yellow, eye irritation and resp. swelling, pungent odor, IDLH=50ppm,
Hydrogen Chloride HCL
Burning furniture, rugs, rubber, bitter almond odor, colorless or pale blue, interferes with perfusion IDLH=50 PPM
Hydrogen Cyanide HCN
complete combustion, colorless and odorless, displaces O2, paralyses resp center of the brain, IDLH=40,000
Carbon Dioxide
Reddish brown or dark brown fuming liquid, aka silo gas, pungent, acrid odor, resp edema/suffocation, IDLH=20PPM
Nitrogen Dioxide NO2
burning refrigerants, colorless with musty hay smell, irritates eyes/skin, forms hydrochloric acid in the lungs, reaction may be delayed, IDLH=2PPM
Phosgene COCL2
used as refrig. or fertilizer, colrless highly pungent, burns eyes and throat, pulmonary edema, IDLH=300PPM
Ammonia NH2
Results from burning foam rubber, synth. textiles, greenish yellow or amber liquid, burns eyes and mouth, resp. tract pulmon. edema, reacts with moisture to form sulfuric acid, IDLH=10PPM
Chlorine CL2
limitations of scba
visibility, air supply, extra weight, decreased mobility, muffles voice
limitations of air supply
physical condition, degree of exertion, cylinder pressure before use, emotional stability, condition of scba, training and experience
two types of scba are
open circuit and closed circuit
generally used in hazmat, not in fire service, stores pure oxygen rather than air
closed ciruit scba
disadvantages of closed circuit
rebreathed air is warm, O2 in a fire, more maintenance, $$, more training
Steel cylinders should be hydrotested every __ years, and can last ___
5 yrs, indefinitely
Composite cylinders should be hydrotested every __ years and discarded after __ years
3, 15
removes carbon dioxide in a closed circuit system
scrubber canister
Advantages of closed circuit scba
lasts up to four hours and is lighter than open circuit
closed circuit cylinder stores __, open circuit cylinder stores ___
oxygen, compressed air
the mainline valve shall be shut off when the ______ __-____ ______ is activated
emergency by pass valve
average fill rate is ____-____psi /minute
supplied air respirator is remote up to ___ ft, and used for ____ and ____
300 ft, haz mat and rescue
Daily maintenance of scba includes
bottle press., valves in correct position, low press. alarm, general condition of equip, straps extended, user gauge in relation to cylinder gauge
search plan will be based on
fire floor, floor above it, top floor, work down