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What is the 4 part test to see if a meaningful offer of UIM coverage was offered?
1. (C)ommercially reasonable notification, oral or written.
2. Insurer must (S)pecify the (L)imits of (O)ptional coverage.
3. Insurer must (I)ntelligently (A)dvise of the (N)ature of the optional coverage.
4. (O)ptional coverage is available for a premium.
C SLO IAN O or Chris Saw Larry Osgood with IAN Osgood
What are th 3 self protections insurers use?
1. (D)eclaratory Judgements = not sue if have to defend.
2. (N)on Waiver Agreement = Not sue if have to, but will do so anyway.
3. (R)eservation Letter = same as last, but unilateral
What 4 elements constitutes the use of an Automobile?
1. (C)ausal Connection
2. (A)ctive accessory
3. (I)ndependent act did not occur.
4. (T)ransporation use
What are the 6 factors in considering if it was bad faith by the insurer in settling with a 3rd party under the Tyger River Doctrine?
1. (S)trength of case
2. (A)ttempts for contribution
3. (F)ailure to investigate
4. (A)dvice rejected
5. (R)isk exposed to financially
6. (I)nsured not informed of compromise offer
What are the 4 elements of a 1st party bad faith claim?
1. (K)=Contract
2. (R)efusal to pay benefits
3. (R)esulting from bad faith
4. (C)ausing damage